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The widest choice of hairdressing washes can be found in our online catalogue. Compare the prices, sizes, style and color and choose the product that's right for you. Hairwashers or washing machines are an essential piece of furniture in a salon and is the place dedicated to hair washing and is understood to be the furniture-sink intended for shampoo. Depending on the needs of the salon you can buy individual or bulk washes. The first type is usually equipped with an armchair inserted in a structure at the end of which is placed the ceramic washing tank, that is, a white tilting tub to fit well to the neck of the customers and prevent the water of the washing from slipping on the neck wetting his clothes. Bulk washes generally consist of two or more armchairs placed in a single structure. The mixer, equipped with an estarbile shower, must be of the single-control type because it adjusts with one hand. The most modern trends in the hair salon push to create oases of beauty and relaxation for which designers of hairdressing components design and carry out washes equipped with all the comforts. The shiatsu massage washer, for example, which thanks to their pre-set programs, give a soft massage to the client sitting at the shampoo. The air massage chair is also activated from a distance, being equipped with a remote control. When buying washes, also keep in mind the purchase of a worktop and a back-wash cabinet and towel holder. Some washing models are equipped with a wipe compartment and bottle holder suitable to hold the cleaning products. There are retro-wash furniture equipped with chests of drawers, veneer painted or rosewood or real structures with shelves and laminate doors of different colors. Some of these can be equipped with a sink and work top to prepare dyes and other aesthetic treatments. The optimal placement of these furniture is behind the washes.

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